Diomira Rose D'Agostino is an international teacher, ordained Healing Minister of Inner Quest Metaphysical Church and author of The Forest Speaks series. She holds a B.A. in Language and Culture. She founded Faery Light, an organization that promotes Faery and Human Partnership. Diomira has spent years deepening her relationship with the Faery Kingdom. She has traveled the world and its sacred sites connecting with the Faeries of every region. Her light opens doorways to the unseen realms of love and enchantment.

​Diomira Rose D'Agostino is a holistic healing practitioner, metaphysician, and Healing Minister of Inner Quest Church. She also holds a BA in Modern Language and Culture: Spanish and Italian. She has been working with the Nature Realms for almost a decade now. She is the founder of Faery Light, LLC, an organization dedicated to sharing the Faery Wisdom Teachings, an ancient body of wisdom that seeks to awaken us to our connection with nature. She has traveled extensively to many different countries and sacred sites all over the world seeking to connect with and experience diverse peoples, lands, and nature spirit energies. Through her work she seeks to bridge worlds through peace, love and understanding.


“Our outstanding contribution to the planet is our developed capacity to love; we can go deeply into the Heart of Love.” 
– Dorothy Maclean, To Hear the Angels Sing

The Forest – 11,000 BCE (6 months after GG)

She would not look back again. From this point on there was only forward. She stepped beyond the two standing columns and entered the bridge. She took several more steps, and then Rose was gone.  

Those standing in wait were so still they almost held their breath. For three days they would work and wait for Rose to appear on the other end. Three days. The Frog and the Mushroom would commune for this length of time. It was a song; it was a dance; it was a meeting of power. 

With her soft, delicate hands, Elysinia held tightly the crystal. It took the efforts of many to focus this raw power. And focus it they had for the good of the whole, thus the Rainbow Bridge was created. 

No one saw the Dark One who lurked in the shadows, watching for the time when he might unfurl his plan. And so the keen observer waited – until just the right moment to strike… 

Then the ground shook. Thunder sounded ripping the atoms within the atmosphere to shreds. A reddish pink lightning never before seen struck and shattered the sky. Chaos. Animals scrambled and dashed for cover. Screams were heard. Confusion. No one knew what was happening. And then everything went black. 

Only darkness remained. For everyone.  

I love The Forest Speaks books! Diomira’s use of imagery makes me feel like I am
right there with the characters. I see, hear and feel them in the detail she provides. 

It was difficult to put the book down in order to go to bed at night! This book, that begins with the infant of the Dragon clan being brought to Elysinia, is just as exciting and intriguing as the first book in the series. The way the time periods and characters are interwoven lends an air of mystery to the story. The author has created a world that we humans can (and must) learn from! I want to live in the magic of this world! Can’t wait for the next book! This series reminds me of the Shire and the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien.  ~ Toni Luisa Rivera, DC, author of #1 Bestseller, The Propelled Heart

This is a beautiful, enchanting, and magical book with a fascinating plotline and engaging, personable characters.  The author does a wonderful job expressing deep, powerful, spiritual truths and expanding the consciousness of the reader while simultaneously telling an enjoyable, entertaining story. It is multi-dimensionally layered and multi-faceted. The story will whisk you away into a vibrant realm filled with faery light and ancient knowledge. I highly recommend this book.

~ Elaine Yoshikawa, Ph.D. #1 Bestselling Author of The Shift Journey
​It has been one year since extraordinary events led Jedda to an incredible discovery that would change her reality forever. 

With the help of a talking cat, a raven and a Keeper, Jedda journeyed deep into the magical Forest to uncover the shocking truth of her soul's true identity. Now she must learn all she can in order to fulfill her destiny tobecome the next Keeper - a role that entails nothing less than protecting the ancient Faery Wisdom that has survived for over 13,000 years. But protecting the ancient body of wisdom isn't the only matter of importance, for a darkness stirs that threatens to destroy more than just the Line of Keepers. 

Meanwhile, the race against Time ison for those of the Forest as they prepare for the auspicious and exceedingly rare event everyone has been waiting for - The Crossing of the Frog and the Mushroom! 

Can Jedda uncover the truth of an ancient prophecy before the darkness consumes the soul of one she loves? Andare those of the Forest able to unravel the dark plot against the Earth in time to save Rose? In this riveting sequel to Awakening the Rose, the clock is ticking for Jedda and the others. If darkness prevails, the Earth and all those upon it might sleep forever! 

The tail moved beneath the earth's surface. It was massive and bold, as it dreamed the Dream of the Earth. The sacred Dreamtime was made for dragons and dragons made for it. Dragons were both Movers and Dreamers. They lay sleeping now on the inner Earth. Where they were no one knew. No one except the Dragon Clan.
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